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Seamus Finnigan
10 January
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Name: Seamus Alan Finnigan
Nicknames: Well, some people call me Shameless, because it rhymes. And because it's true.
Age: I'm going to be 18 someday
Birthday: January 10
Gender: Very male
Orientation: Very bisexual, though I'm leaning towards diving completely into gay
Place of Birth: Very Irish. Born in Cobh, County Cork
Place of Residence: Hogwarts and Cobh
Nationality: See above
Schooling: A rather horrid Christian Brothers schoolhouse until I was saved by my Hogwarts letter
House: Gryffindor
Year: Sixth
House Colors: Red and Gold, which is a pity
Quidditch Position: Never played. I'm splendid on a broom, but not so much with the hand-eye coordination
Prefect?: Ah, you must be joking.
Wand: Cute little ten inch willowy thing with a bit of unicorn stuck inside.
Wand Hand: Right
Pet: I grew up surrounded by sheep, but they don't count
Allegiance: Dumbledore, of course.
Height: 5'7. I'm short, but I'm solid.
Weight: 150
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green as the grass
Complexion: I've got the Irish tan, which is to say I'm very pale
Build: Lovely, if I say so myself. I've worked myself into quite good shape.
Speech: Bit of a tenor, I guess. With this lovely accent.
Marital Status: Single as the day I was born, though involved at the moment
Past Relationships: Oh, too many to count. My lovely Lavender was the first of the fairer sex, and then Parvati, but that's best left alone. Since then there's been nothing but boys. Well, nothing but Dean.
Broom: The same old worn down Nimbus 1000 I had as a boy.
Eyesight: Perfect, thank you.
Hearing: Eh, what? It's fine as well.
Left/Right/Ambidextrous: I'm a boy of many talents, but they restrict themselves to my right hand. Please jot down wanking joke of choice and send care of Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Tower, Hogwarts
Disabilities/Handicaps: Well, I'm not all that smart. But I wouldn't consider that a handicap. I'm horribly afraid of closed-in spaces, which can handicap me at times.
Extrovert/Introvert: I extrovert as often as possible.
Phobias/Fears: As I said, a bit claustrophobic. That's it, really. I do worry about my friends or family getting caught up in this war nonsense.
Mental Health: Tightly wound but stable as a mule.
Father: Brian Finnigan. Saint of a man, my da. Still runs Finnigan's, the best damned pub in all Cobh.
Mother: Angela McGowan. Aspires to sainthood too fervently, I think, but still a dear of an old mam. She doesn't like me very much these days, but she'll learn.
Siblings: Once they had me, why would they need any other kids?
Friends: Everyone I meet. All my lovely Hogwarts chums, though Dean is the one I stay closest to.
Enemies: Not a soul in the world. Just make sure all of you leave my friends and my family alone, and it'll stay that way.
Traits: Well, I'm a bit of a rake. I guess I tend to be a bit flambouyant. I talk with my hands a lot, that sort of thing. Not flamingly gay, but I don't leave much doubt. I work hard and play hard. I love my friends dearly.
Likes: Boys, shagging, flirting, my friends, living life, nice people, lovely people, being happy. Singing, flying, and I've got a rather odd fetish for hands. Someone with nice hands is just amazingly sexy, don't you think?
Dislikes: Mean people. Judgemental people. Anyone who speaks against my friends. Anyone who tries to force their beliefs on others. Also, tea. I simply hate tea.